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March 30th, 2010, 5:39 am

please read

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I also just found out that I'm moving to the states in two weeks, so I'll definitely not be having any time for a long time.. with all the packing and moving and ughh..

I'm really sorry you guys that i couldn't get to Falkner or anything good! I was going to delete it without saying anything but i know some of you guys would have probably flood my form spring with a bunch of WHERE IS YOUR COMIC questions.. so i wanted to give you a heads up!

sorry again ;^;

don't hate me :)



sloppy handwriting is very sloppy shush / ^ \


Awwh! D:
That's understandable, but at least don't delete the comic! D: You can always come back to it later and even if you don't, others can still see it and laugh at it.

posted by Kaiya-chii


Yeah, don't delete it! Even if you don't update it anymore it's still fun to go back to sometimes.

posted by Corny


Please don't delete it...;; You have a lot of good in this comic that, even though it may have ended, can still be referenced by others that still enjoy it.


posted by Crystal Hikara


Yeah, don't delete it! I still love reading through it. <3

Besides, maybe someday you'll actually want to come back and work on it more...? :3
(Only time will tell~)

Went through and saved it all, just in case.
I'm gonna miss this comic. ;-;

posted by Seven Rain


Yeah, don't delete it! That means I can go back and see it whenever I want! owo

posted by Orphie


can't you just keep it to see if you ever got time for it cuz I really like to read it over and over again ^^

posted by Manga-Ka


I agree with manga-ka! I love 2 read it again and again. plz don't delete it

posted by yukini


you officially made all your fans just save this comic.

posted by MegamanZDevil


Please don't delete this o___o
I laugh ever time I read it >__<
at least it for the readers ;__;

posted by Stitch-patch


Please don't delete it! At the very least, make a download of the whole thing so fans can still have a copy? D:

posted by Zefster


aww, it's sad to see you go, but i completely understand! * * thank you for the laughs/nightmares

posted by ninjies


We could never hate you!
I am saving this though :B

posted by phoenixface


sdjfksdjf;jsdf omg wrrryy. No matter if you updated or not I ALWAYS came back to this comic and reread it. Over and over. And over. Pleasedon'tdeleteit.

@phoenixface LolIknowright?
Just incase you do delete it tho'.

Or think of something like Zefster said ... D: That way fans won't have to save it.

posted by SamayoSukuichi


Why don't you just leave the comic and not update it? I love going back and re-reading it and I'm going to be really sad if I can't even do that anymore! D8>

posted by Bree333888


I can't say anything to convince you. ; 3;
So happy moving~ <3
and I'm saving all of this.

posted by battybrain


totally understandable but dont delete ; o ; <3333 forever&always a great read even if its not complete !

posted by Chyo

Please don't delete!

Even if your not gonna update anymore, you can just call it on forever hiatus or pull a bullshit endng or something... Or just say you can't do
it anymore and NOT DELETE IT? '-'
I'm a kid who doesn't know how to save all o this(or is not allowed to flood the family compooter files with my crap)

I really love this comic, and I love looking back on it!!!;0;
I've read it many times over and never get tired of it! And I bought SoulSilver and whenever I see Ethan I think of Hiccup. His personality even reminds me of Hiccup! And to know Hiccup won't be there anymore is just mindblowing.!;_;!
EDIT:And it's okay you never got to falkner, we. could only imagine what hijinks would ensue!:D
Falkner was a bitch...:p
Lol, Hijinks=funny word.

posted by Kurosaki556


RUBIES! You coming to the states? Which state? Oh and what's with all the deletion, you should leave this up so everyone can re-read the fun. 8D

posted by kupocchi


Please don't delete it! I'm sorry that you can't update anymore, but don't DELETE it, please!!!! I really loved this comic, and I'd hate to see i go. :(

posted by Kaitousblackwings (Guest)


Noooo.... ToT Please keep it, someday we might want to read it all over again. Besides, it's nice to show everyone all the work you did.

posted by Tataki


It was good while it lasted. :((

posted by stinastaysober


Aghh! This makes me very sad-face but I understand. ;A; It would be great if you left it up so we could go back and reread it and get some more laughs but it's entirely up to you (your comic and all!). I hope things calm down for you soon at least. <3

posted by orangecookies


nooooo.... ;o;
why must you delete it?
just leave it plz!!!! This comic makes me laugh so much, it'd be a waste to delete it...

posted by xNOVAx

  Am I missing something?

I don't understand your reasons for wanting to delete it. Just because it will never get any further doesn't mean that we can't enjoy it for what it is.

posted by Random fan of yours 617 (Guest)


Aw....Oh well. Please don't delete the comics though! This comic is pure funniness. The best pokemon comic I ever read D:>

posted by No Name (Guest)


Please don't delete it!!!!

posted by Guest


Please don't delete, it's amazing as is, even if it's not getting any more pages. I love it to pieces. It's like, my favorite webcomic on smackjeeves forever.

posted by FrowzyLuridRoro


please dont delete it! i like hiccup because its a nice and cute name

posted by hiccup (Guest)

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