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November 20th, 2009, 8:52 am

chapter 2 page 10

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Hahaha xD I love it.. <3

posted by pucha


Just his luck to have two hypersensitive girl pokes.

posted by G (Guest)

@ G (guest)

th-they are both boys...but i guess you can think of em as girls if you want lollol

posted by russia


maybe the rock is lower down today k

posted by amjam



posted by Seven Rain


I screamed for joy when I saw there was an update. 8D

FFF. Hiccup. You're so funny. n wn

posted by SamayoSukuichi


lol fckn rooby your so cute

posted by Hina


Castrated lol xD

posted by Hungryformore21


FFTTTTT All the versions of the story are kick ass.

posted by melsama32


and he's wondering why they're crying? :P

posted by rainysidewalks


xDD Castrated? Wtf? XDDDDD

posted by *Suki*


*cough cough* >.> and apparently he had a sex change. right pika mom X)!

posted by XxMisa-ChanxX

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