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October 4th, 2009, 2:16 am

chapter 2 page 4

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sloppy page is sloppy





it's okay~
and go ahead! i don't mind x)


Hiccup looks really well drawn in this page! Awwww Turnip's so mean! But its one of my favorite Pokemon, so I can't stay mad at her forever! XD

posted by gizumimipichu


Sorry to post twice! But I love the notched ear pichu you drew up there and I was wondering if its okay to use her as my new avatar? :3

posted by gizumimipichu


Thank you! XD

posted by gizumimipichu (Guest)


Poor little Amy. XD

posted by Velka


XDD Omg, Turnip's face in the second to last panel. <3

posted by *Suki*


Poor Amy... Also, I couldn't stop laughing at that letter! XD

posted by Seven Rain



posted by amjam


Awhhhh, Amy's sadface in that last panel is soooooo c~ute.

posted by Kaiya-chii


i like how turnip and amy are bitter rivals sdfsdgdds :::

who is this fat bastard

posted by cvdsally (Guest)


Don't you guys start thinking about my fridge, I'll kill you D<

posted by THE INTERNET. ALL OF IT. (Guest)


it was me i left that note
amy looked pretty amazingly cute until the last panel
then it was beautiful

posted by Hina


Another awesome issue. XD

posted by PokemonDaycare


That last panel is just.
Heart wrenching.

posted by coolbeans


Hiccup is so cute! x3 i cant wait till the next chapter &#9829;o&#9829;

Edit: Also turnip's face before the last panel is sooo cool! like jijejjeje lulz"

posted by Kotokarii (Guest)


I have falling in love with this comic for it's whimsical simplicity and cuteness. +fav

posted by Piano-kun


The chickorita's face in this comment makes me lol every time

posted by phoenixface


I hope Amy gets revenge eventually. :V

posted by Feminine Cuttlefish (Guest)


aww cyndaquil ;_; chiko, you're such an ass :<

posted by Antonyms


LOL WTF "If you think of my fridge you will die" XDD OH HICCUP

posted by Aya (Guest)


'...So I got my sexy Sentret wife to tape it to an apricorn tree' lol. ImthinkingofthefridgeImthinkingofthefridgeimgunnadieohcrap.

posted by Asia (Guest)


The reasons Turnip did that is cause Amy was bein a Ass in earlier comics

posted by :3 (Guest)

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