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October 2nd, 2009, 7:52 am

chapter 2 page 3

and so the magical leaf fell onto the carnivore's spine causing it to deteriorate in the earth's atmosphere along with Samuel L. Jackson's 4th grandson.
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Chikarita/Turnip's faces keep making me laugh. :<

posted by Takoto


lol at Amy's face in the third panel. XD

posted by Seven Rain


Somehow Amy seems overjoyed that Turnip's running away in the third panel XD like "omg finally!"

posted by Mikochan


Oh god I love Amy to death...and Turnip is an adorable name. You make me love pokemon so much more.

posted by Chuumomo


Panel 4 is EPIC WIN.


posted by SushiGummy


is that my fault u didn't want to do the second page?

But i like it :( that town isnt as Asian as Violet or Ecruteak City

posted by Sasajun


Amy's face in panel 3 is priceless XD

posted by THE INTERNET. ALL OF IT. (Guest)


infected oh no he needs to go to the pokemons center k

posted by amjam


omg their faces sfjsdjfsJKFHSJKFGS

posted by sakyik (Guest)


Omg his leg.
He never got that looked at.

posted by KazeNoSano


what happened to the rock?

posted by imma random fan! (Guest)

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