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September 25th, 2009, 11:58 pm

Chapter 2 page 2

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his leg

posted by kingsamurai


I love Chikorita's expressions, lol.

posted by Seven Rain


I love this comic. My only complaint is how you swtich from reading left to right and reading right to left. Pick ooooone

posted by Corny


Awesome page maaan

posted by Takoto


How do they hold the bat when they don't have hands?...
Hm. The mysteries of the Pokèmon world.

I like this comic a lot but it gets hard to read sometimes, as the speech bubbles seem to be all jumbled up sometimes. Please make it more clear which bubble is supposed to be read first, like putting early dialogue on top for instance.

posted by Usagi-Zakura


Holy shit.
Panel 10 & 12 are adorable/lulzy.

The quality is awesome. ;_;

posted by Kaiya-chii


I would recommend having the speech bubbles go from left-to-right. Since the navigation system (the "next" and "previous" comic buttons) are geared towards left-to-right reading, which makes it so people automatically reads it from left-to-right. But then again this comic does use the japanese comic strip format (up-to-down instead of left-to-right), so maybe you'd want to do right-to-left with the speech bubbles? But like I said, people will automatically start reading it from left-to-right because of the navigation system, so you'd want to put in big letters somewhere saying "READS FROM RIGHT-TO-LEFT" so you don't confuse new readers.

posted by Sorrows Neptune


i have that problem too. after i read too much manga that reads right to left i feel confused when i read left to right

posted by dbzgirl311


This is a really funny comic! and he still has the rock in his leg xD

posted by Platimu


So I just read through the archive.

This is more or less the funniest thing on Earth. I want to abandon my comic and make this exact comic but that would be unoriginal.

You need to update six times a day.
Every day.

posted by AlexChalk


XDDD Omg, they were gonna torture the poor thing! XD

posted by *Suki*


Wow, your comic is so very funny!

posted by Maya


do whatever you want with the speech bubbles, it's funny no mattr what ::

i'm surprised hiccup knows what torture is.

posted by salluy (Guest)


LOL Ratata =u=

Honestly I'd like to torture Bidoof and Bibarels; they annoy me so much

posted by Antonyms


hiccup has to find a doctor soon

posted by hiccup (Guest)


wooper 1:Wait... we weren't alive back then... wooper 2 oh yeah,thats right ... lol

posted by Guest


OMG that capture methods illegal now?! ★☆

posted by Asia (Guest)

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