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August 8th, 2009, 9:31 am

chapter 1 page 16

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Yeah, that's some 'life' hes got there.. xD
OMG I hate it when I miss the last episode of the season, especially if it's law and order lolll

But yeyyy for an update~ 8D Can't wait for the next page~~

posted by ochahane


.... wait... They ANRT POKEMON ?!?! (totally forgot how they even looked like now D:)

I hope he makes it back in time for his show...

posted by Sasajun


in the last episode she got proposed to and shit happened n her dad had an affair or something i think. I'm sry Hiccup.

Oak makes a gud munchlaxers P:::

posted by Sally (Guest)


Prof. Oak as a Munchlax? ogod i think i just died of laughter.

posted by FACT (Guest)


I love how Hiccup is balancing both Amy and the egg on his head! XD

posted by M-ocha


I luuurve your comics they are so funny!

I love Hiccup :D

posted by Jane (Guest)

  this is so funny

And to think that he was talking about commiting suicide. Sort off. -_-;

posted by cherrybomb (Guest)


Hiccup should learn about teh internez. He can watch his shows on there. D<

pfffft prof.Oak is the best person to make into a munchlax. xD

posted by Nashira


...; w ;

posted by Mocha Blues

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