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August 3rd, 2009, 12:51 pm

chapter 1 page 15

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I think Hiccup is gonna meet a lot of pedos.
kkkkk this is gr8 did i tell you that :::::::::::

posted by Sallu (Guest)


wow i totally trust that strange pikachu man.

btw i want that raichu suit<3

posted by ochahane


seriously this is some funny shit xDDD

posted by siskhi


haha what a creeper > W <

posted by hiruda


what a nice guy, I hope he comes back.

posted by cheappirate


Everything makes sense now! That's not a pikachu's suit, he's a real pikachu, and also he's Hiccup' father. Since his mom is a (weird) pikachu it must be...
maybe i'm in drugs.

posted by Blue Flying Pig (Guest)


lmao, I thought it was a regular talking Pikachu for a second xD

posted by .mochii


your windows are amazing D:
I have a fear of Hickers in pkmn games cause i think they will molest me, Molest my pokemon, then molest me infront of my pokemon U: Watch out for Hikers Hiccup!

posted by Sasajun


Pedo. For sure.

posted by Kaiya-chii


I love that Pikachu-suit. It's really cute!

posted by gizumimipichu


i'm inside the suit

posted by Hina


I would be freaked out if a person in a pickachu suit like that asked me to go with them! XD

posted by M-ocha


christ i hate it when those creeps force you to follow them around and tell you things you already know >:(!!!

posted by dip-eiffel-tea


I'm not surprised that Hiccup found a pedo
He's quite amazing jailbait.

posted by Mocha Blues


if u dont know how to swim then u will die

posted by mukkuru (Guest)



And, how the hell can a Raichu mascot have a toilet--- xD But hey, I love this. xD

posted by Antonyms

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