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July 31st, 2009, 2:54 am

chapter 1 page 14

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I love this page! Hiccup is so cute! He shouldn't wear his hat more often. He's cute with it off. And he's cute with it on too. ^_^

posted by gizumimipichu


only u can prevent forest fires
You're making even Amy cute now what's your problum

posted by SaLaUuiflllllllly (Guest)


Oh god....I don't think hiccup has anymore blood left...

posted by ssbkid (Guest)


HAHA XD Serves those bastard sentrents right XDD

posted by hiruda


lol He better find a doctor soon. I think he'll run out of blood if he keeps getting hurt like that

posted by Kaiya-chii


amy actually looks normal in the last panel 0:

posted by Hina


This is pure gold. You don't know how hard I laugh when I read this. Marry me Rubyyyyy

posted by Nashira


Ha, very funny comic you have here

posted by fluffyfishy


"I hope you aren't a terrorist"

posted by Takoto


PFFFTT <33333

I love this comic! Congratulations on being so hilarious.

Stalking from now! *w* <3333

posted by Namie-kun


HOW!? How do you come up with this stuff? It's gold! Harharpunfail. *shot*

posted by gazpacho


Holy crap, This is beautiful.

posted by THE INTERNET. ALL OF IT. (Guest)


amy is always there to help save the environment.

she is my role model. :v

posted by ochahane


Main characters never die in Pokemon silly....
Makes me wonder about Amy though...

posted by Sasajun


This is amazing. ;o;

posted by Mocha Blues


With all that blood, I feel like hicup is gonna die...

posted by Guest


radom letters GDI? or truly GDI like command and conquer tiberium universe GDI?

posted by Commander Andrew (Guest)

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