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July 31st, 2009, 2:51 am

chapter 1 page 12

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He's bleeding again. This is going to be funny. ^_^

posted by gizumimipichu


GO AMY GO!!! >o<

posted by Em.


I feel the luv
is he dead yet sdjgd

posted by Sally (Guest)


I knew Amy was gonna fart lol

posted by Kaiya-chii



posted by Hina


oh wow that is BOOTIFUL

-eyes turn inside out-

posted by ochahane


Atleast Amy is helping

posted by Sasajun



posted by Mocha Blues


HAHAH amy is aweosme

posted by Moekie


hiccup:Amy!do something. Amy:cinda!(nod) scittr scittr hiccup:.....? Amy:cinda! hiccup Amy,what are you... Amy:cindaa hiccup:doing... Amy:POOT me:LOL POOT uh oh...

posted by hiccup (Guest)

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