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July 22nd, 2009, 5:41 pm

chapter 1 page 7

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lol whar es amy eh?@w@
lol that thar es a chikorita dun'cha kno?

posted by BoxMunchies


awwwww, you're making it cute ::

I think he needs a trip to the hospital. And Chikorita needs to go the the Psychiatric Ward.

posted by Sally (Guest)


oh my god the colored panels I choked

posted by Soup


I love this comic so freakin' much. <3 Chikorita. ffffffffffff.

posted by Kaiya-chii


Oh god, this is amazing. You are amazing ;o; <3

posted by .mochii

@ crazyhane

omgkjkf thanks for making me realize that! i didn't notice till now, thanks 4e <33843438293

posted by russia



posted by geneticPANDA


XD Zomg this is sooo funny. XD Just found this comic and I love you~ <3 -Alreadypledgedlovetosixothersbutohwell- :3

posted by Cake Corp.


love at first site~

posted by King.Moptop


AHAHA OH GOD /loveson

the pichus drool

posted by Hina

Shoujo Classic~!!

What?! You don't deserve a kick! You've just brought back an old childhood manga back to life~ waah, I'm tearing up!! Q_Q
I love that manga btw, its a classic so thank you for that!!^^

posted by LoliMiyoko


Hoooolycrap ;u;

posted by Mocha Blues


OMG THAT IS SOOO CUTE. *U* He's in wub. <3

posted by *Suki*


Im laughing really loudly and making strange squeeling noises.

posted by PokemonDaycare


That made me laugh so hard!!!
I'm in class o_e'
oh well LOL~ XD

posted by Guest



posted by Antonyms



posted by PinballWizardL


My favourite page. EVER.

posted by aiori


this is so wierd an cute and... I LOVE IT!

posted by SANACHI

  like cutee

OMFGGG XDDD were is cintaquil at? XD chickorita just poped up from no where

posted by ilovethiscomicplz (Guest)

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