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July 15th, 2009, 6:31 pm

prologue 4

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my friend always talks about that show!!!



it's a rly gr8 show about whores
like his mama

posted by Sally (Guest)


He looks so cute in the second panel.

He talks about burning down the house like it's a normal everyday thing LLLOOOL

posted by melsama32


ERRK AAAAAAAAHRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry this comic makes me want hurl and hugg it at the same time! Why do people put cute and horrific images in one thing!?!??!?! sorta like milk-chan! im sorry im just saying how i feel but its still funny tho

posted by Kitten meat


Lol. I love that show.

posted by PinballWizardL


L M F A O,
who's his dad anyway !? xD

posted by angelbliss


i've called my mom a whore in that game so many times XD

spending my fucking money e__e

posted by Maiumaora


hiccup:But,prof.Elm is an Idiot!and he ALWAYS smells like A1 BBQ sauce. mom:just do it hiccup:grr,fine you stupid whore.But when i get back i am going to watch the secert life of an American teenager,And then i am going to burn this house down. me:whore and burn the house down?

posted by hiccup (Guest)

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