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July 15th, 2009, 6:30 pm

prologue 3

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she has nice eyes
i thought he had a gun for a second.

posted by Sally (Guest)


wtf I just noticed that he is stabbing his food in the background and in the last panel he's on the table...


posted by melsama32



posted by Hina


lol XDD i love how he's lying on a table at the very end XD

posted by hiruda


I agree, best comic EVAR.

posted by PokemonDaycare


lmao, oh, I just love his mom - u -

posted by angelbliss


mom:oh yh here,ur pokegear is back from the shop hiccup:ow mom:Now,is it 10:00 AM DST? hiccup:go look at a clock im eating.

posted by hiccup (Guest)


mine continued: mom:Don't get smart with me! Anyway Prof.Elmer or w/e called and he needs you to stop by his lab after ur dont eating k hiccup:WHAT-

posted by hiccup (Guest)


still cotinued(short):hiccup: (holds gun and is on table)

posted by hiccup (Guest)

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