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July 15th, 2009, 6:29 pm

prologue 1

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what is cooking on that stove.
looks delicious.

posted by Guest


I love how he looks retarded in every panel. AHHAA I love this.

posted by melsama32


Ohgodilovethis :'D

posted by Mocha Blues


What the--
sorry but looking normal even tho your bleeding to death kinda creeps me otu ( sorta like that anime milk-chan but its just creepy )

posted by Kitten meat


This is amazing lol.

posted by PokemonDaycare


lmao, the 'pot' label

posted by angelbliss


I warned you about stairs, Hiccup! I told you, dog!

posted by Drawkey


What's with the face? Kinda Goofy it is?

posted by Republic Empire (Guest)

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